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Clinician Symposium 5th October 2008

  • Clinician's Workshop - Dr Lance Jennings
  • Influenza Clinicial Features and Disease Burden - Dr Randeep Guleria
  • Strategies for the control of influenza - Dr Lance Jennings
  • Influenza Foundation of India - Prof Anil Prasad
  • Influenza disease patterns - Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah
  • Influenza virus in various lung diseases and in other chronic diseases - Prof Anil Prasad
  • Updates on avian influenza and the Hong Kong clinical experience - Prof Paul K. S. Chan
  • Seasonal influenza vaccines and antiviral agents - Dr David Smith


APACI General Meeting 4th October 2008

  • Report from the 3rd European Influenza Conference - Dr Lance Jennings
  • Singapore influenza update - Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah
  • Influenza: Australian update - Dr David Smith
  • Flu strains in India - Dr Randeep Guleria
  • National influenza sentinel surveillance Vietnam: 2006–2007 - Dr Nguyen Thi Thu Yen
  • Influenza surveillance in Indonesia - Prof Cissy B. Kartasasmita
  • Influenza vaccination in Pediatrics: issues & challenges - Dr AJ Chitkara
  • Influenza vaccine: northern hemisphere vs. southern hemisphere (IFI View) - Prof Anil Prasad
  • Philippines: influenza vaccination programs 2007–2008 - Prof Shelley de la Vega