Non-communicable diseases like cardiac and respiratory disease, neurological and immunocompromising conditions, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, renal disease and haematological disorders combined with influenza can increase a person’s risk of serious illness from influenza. In addition, influenza can also make chronic health conditions worse. For example, people with asthma may be more likely to experience asthma attacks while they have the flu, and if people with chronic congestive heart failure get sick with the flu, they could experience a worsening of this condition.

Common medical non-communicable diseases that may increase the risk of problems with influenza

Influenza and cardiovascular disease

Influenza and diabetes

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Non-communicable diseases – general articles
Cardiovacular diseases
Chronic gastrointestinal diseases
Chronic musculoskeletal diseases
Chronic respiratory diseases
Haematologic diseases
Immunocompromised diseases
Kidney diseases
Metabolic disorders
Neurodevelopmental and Neurological Conditions

Non-communicable diseases

Cardiovacular Diseases

Recent Articles

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